What is the tax treatment on the sum received at the time of maturity or Surrender of ULIP’s?

  1. At Maturity of ULIP: Upon the completion of the tenure of your Unit Linked Insurance Plan, when they mature, the total amount received by you or your nominee will be completely exempted from tax under section 10(10D), if the following conditions are satisfied.
    • For ULIPs purchased after 1st April 2012 : When the premium is less than 10% of the sum assured, amount on maturity will be exempted under section 10(10D). If the premium is more than 10% of the sum assured then the entire amount is taxable, except in case of death.
    • For ULIPs purchased before 1st April 2012 : When the premium is less than 20% of the sum assured, then the maturity will be exempted under section 10(10D). If the premium is more than 20% of the sum assured, then the amount received on maturity is taxable, except in case of death.
  2. If ULIP is surrendered
    • Before lock-in-period : If the policy is surrendered before the lock-in-period of 5 years, then the entire surrender value will be treated as income for the current year and will be added in Gross Total Income and thus will be taxed as per applicable tax slab rate of the individual.
    • After lock-in-period : If the policy is surrendered after the lock-in-period of 5 years, then the surrender value will be exempt from taxation and assured can avail the tax benefit.

Equity Oriented Mutual Funds

Mutual Fund Exchange Quotation… as on 31/01/2018 ()
Aditya Birla Sun Life Gold ETF – Growth NSE 2799
Aditya Birla Sun Life Nifty ETF – Growth NSE 109.75
Axis Equity Advantage Fund- Series 1 Regular Plan- Growth BSE 9.77
Axis Gold ETF Fund NSE 2639.95
Axis Gold Exchange Traded Fund BSE 2684.99
Axis NIFTY ETF NSE 1103.90
BHARAT 22 ETF – ICICI Prudential AMC BSE 38.90
Birla Sun Life Gold ETF BSE 2825
Canara Robeco Mutual Fund – Canara Robeco – Gold ETF NSE 2765
DSP BLACKROCK A.C.E. Fund Series 1 – Regular Growth BSE 9.40
DSP BLACKROCK A.C.E. Fund Series 1 – Regular-Dividend Payout BSE 9.30
Edelweiss ETF – Nifty 50 NSE 12350
Edelweiss Mutual Fund – Edelweiss ETF – Nifty Quality 30 NSE 244.90
HDFC Equity Opportunities Fund-II- 1100D June 2017(1) Series 2-Regular Option-Growth Option BSE 9.56
HDFC Gold Exchange Traded Fund NSE 2780.05
HDFC HOF-I-1140D November 2017(1) – Regular Option – Dividend Payout Option BSE 9.30
HDFC HOF-I-1140D November 2017(1)- Regular Option – Growth Option BSE 9.82
HDFC Mutal Fund (Hl 190M36RG) BSE 10.90
HDFC Nifty ETF NSE 1131.98
ICICI Prudential Gold iWIN ETF BSE 279
ICICI Prudential Midcap Select iWIN ETF NSE 76.25
ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund – BHARAT 22 ETF NSE 38.85
ICICI Prudential Nifty 100 iWIN ETF NSE 122
ICICI Prudential Nifty iWIN ETF NSE 114
ICICI Prudential Nifty Low Vol 30 iWIN NSE 84.20
ICICI Prudential NV20 iWIN ETF NSE 51.20
ICICI Prudential Sensex iWIN ETF BSE 375.28
ICICI Prudential Value Fund – Series 19 – Cumulative Option BSE 10
IDBI Gold ETF BSE 2883
IDBI Gold Exchange Traded Fund NSE 2845
1DFC Nifty ETF NSE 112
Invesco India Gold Exchange Traded Fund NSE 2729.25
Invesco India Nifty Exchange Traded Fund NSE 1137
Kotak Banking ETF – Dividend Payout Option NSE 280.81
Kotak Mahindra Mutual Fund NSE 379
Kotak Mutual Fund – Gold Exchange Traded Fund NSE 266.20
Kotak Nifty ETF BSE 112
Kotak NV 20 ETF – DPO NSE 52.10
Kotak Sensex ETF BSE 365.60
LIC MF ETF – Nifty 100 NSE 117
LIC MF Exchange Traded Fund – Nifty 50 NSE 114.25
LIC MF Exchange Traded Fund- Sensex BSE 376.40
LIC MF G-sec LT ETF – GO NSE 16.87
Motilal Oswal MOSt Shares M100 ETF GO NSE 23.40
Motilal Oswal MOSt Shares M50 ETF BSE 106.95
Motilal Oswal MOSt Shares Midcap 100 ETF- Growth option BSE 23.05
Motilal Oswal MOSt Shares NASDAQ-100 ETF BSE 524
Quantum Gold Fund -Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) NSE 1353.90
Quantum Nifty ETF NSE 1192.70
Reliance ETF Bank BeES NSE 2781.50
Reliance ETF Consumption NSE 52.61
Reliance ETF Dividend Opportunities NSE 30.17
Reliance ETF Gold BeES NSE 2720
Reliance ETF Hang Seng BeES NSE 3325
Reliance ETF Infra BeES NSE 372.21
Reliance ETF Junior BeES NSE 312.91
Reliance ETF Liquid BeES NSE 1000.01
Reliance ETF Long Term Gilt NSE 16.81
Reliance ETF Nifty 100 NSE 116.82
Reliance ETF Nifty BeES BSE 1138.70
Reliance ETF PSU Bank BeES NSE 414.34
Reliance ETF Shariah BeES NSE 270
Reliance MF CPSE ETF (RGESS)/ETF NSE 31.25
SBI- ETFBSE 100 BSE 116.10
SBI Sensex ETF BSE 383.85
SBI-ETF Gold NSE 2757
SB1-ETF Nifty 50 NSE 115
SBI-ETF Nifty Bank NSE 275.50
SBI-ETF Nifty Next 50 NSE 311
UTI Gold Exchange Traded Fund NSE 2669
UTI Nifty ETF BSE 1130.15
UTI Nifty Next 50 ETF BSE 309.05
UTI Nifty Next 50 Exchange Traded Fund – UTI Nifty N NSE 309.25
UTI-Sensex ETF BSE 375
UTI-Nifty Exchange Traded Fund NSE 1143
UTI-Sensex Exchange Traded Fund NSE 373.90

…     The highest price quoted for the units of mutual funds on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the National Stock Exchange (NSE) as on January 31, 2018 is provided here.


Agriculture Income

Agricultural income is not taxable under Section 10 (1) of the Income Tax Act as it is not considered as a part of an individual’s total income. However, the state government can levy tax on agricultural income if the amount exceeds Rs.5,000 per year. However, this income is considered for rate purposes while calculating the income tax liability of the individual.

For all other normal purposes, the tax calculation will involve the following steps:

  1. Including the Agricultural Income – Say ‘X’ is the base income of the individual and ‘Y’ is the agricultural income, tax first needs to be computed on the amount of X+Y. Let’s call this “tax as T(X+Y)”
  2. Adding the basic tax slab benefit – Subject to the amendments the basic tax slab might change, but for clarity’s sake let’s consider that as ‘S’. That needs to be added to the agricultural income and another tax is be calculated on the amount. Let’s call this “tax as T(S+Y)”
  3. Thus Final Tax = T(X+Y) – T(S+Y) and add/(Less) Surcharge, Health & Education cess, (Rebate),etc., as may be applicable.

*One should always remember to aggregate the agricultural income while calculating tax since that can allow one to avoid unnecessary extra taxes or interest on taxes.