4 thoughts on “Clubbing Income

  • Rita Lobo says:

    1–My daughter aminor got sb interest from bank of less than Rs. 1000 where in your tax portal i should show
    2.I am salaried employee taken house purchase loan in 2016 For F y 18/19 interest actually paid is more than declared in Form 16 given by employer. Where should I show

    • neha_emudhra says:

      1. Please enter SB interest from Bank under Income of Other Persons >> Income from Other Source >> Interest.
      2. Interest on Housing Loan can be entered under House Property.

  • U Nageswara Rao says:

    I am trying to file my ITR 1 through Taxsmile. But I am stuck with as the TDS details are not being taken in to final tax calculation by the software though it remembers the details entered by me. Is it any thing to do with the spouse details that next to the TDS inputs. Please help me. My registered PAN with you is AALPU 1935B. Why am I stuck up.

    • Neha@emudhra says:

      Thanks for writing to us. Your Retrun Filing has been done successfully on 27th july 19 and TDS entries are also available in the xml that is uploaded. Kindly let us know if there is any further difficulty being faced.

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