4 thoughts on “Exemptions

  • Ramani Panchapakesan says:

    I was trying to fill the tax return filing for the Financial year 2018-19 from your Do-it-yourself
    I almost completed the pages with necessary data..
    But I was not able to enter capital gains exemption data in the space provided in spite of trying to enter the datas.. Why?
    I have invested Rs 25,00,000/ each in NHAI and REC..Why this data is not showing up in the final compilation sheet?
    My Pan Number is AAAPR 2005 C..

    • Neha@emudhra says:

      Thanks for writing to us. We are glad to assist you.
      Changes have been made, please have a check now.

  • vipul kumar singh says:

    i have sold my land which was my “khandani” land.
    how it will be treated in income tax.

    • diwyarkemudhracom says:

      Capital gains shall be calculated by deducting the cost of purchase of the house by your parents, including any improvements done by them or you, from its sale amount. Moreover, if the period of holding the property is more than 36 months, including the period the house was held by your parents then, gains will be long term and tax will be charged at 20% after indexation. If the house was held for less than 36 months, the gains will be short-term and be taxed as per the slab rates.

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