SIP, which is commonly known for Systematic Investment Plan, where in the intending investor has to invest a small chunk of his savings regularly say monthly/bi-monthly/fort nightly in any of the SIP scheme. It ensures financial discipline of the investor.

There is nothing to worry about the market mood, timing, performance of the security at the moment unlike in other investment modes. It has to be regularly invested. Returns when compared to investment in RD or ELSS are more in SIP.  Also, the overall average cost of investment is minimized, and returns are maximized. If invested over a long period money invested starts compounding.

Step-up SIPs allow investors to increase the SIP amount periodically. ‘Alert SIP’ is another form of the regular systematic investment plan which sends an alert to the investor to buy more when the markets are down. 

In case of the ‘perpetual SIPs,’ investors don’t have to choose the end date of the SIP. Once the goal is met, the investors can stop the SIP by sending a written communication to the fund house.

Withdrawal of SIP are very easy in case of contingencies or in need of the hour.

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