What is the meaning of stamp duty value and what is its relevance while computing capital gain in case of transfer of capital asset, being land or building or building or both?

“Stamp duty value means the value adopted or assessed or assessable by any authority of a State Government for the purpose of payment of stamp duty. As per section 50C, while computing capital gain arising on transfer of land or building or both, if the actual sale consideration on transfer of such land and/or building is less than the stamp duty value, then the stamp duty value will be taken as full value of consideration, i.e., as deemed selling price and capital gain will be computed accordingly.”  (not applicable from A.Y 2019-20)

From assessment year 2019-20 actual sales consideration will be treated as full value consideration if stamp duty value does not exceeds 105% of actual sales consideration. In case where stamp duty value exceeds 105%of actual sales consideration, then stamp duty value will be considered as full value of consideration for computing capital gain.

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